NO COST Short Sale: The Short Sale Solution

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Is your loan modification keeping you stuck? A short sale could be the solution you need. Listed below are facts about loan modifications and solutions to the problem:

  • FACT: Loan modifications are hard to come by, rarely offer principal reduction and generally require many months of frustration to get any answers.
  • SOLUTION: NO COST SHORT SALE-Your mortgage debt can be eliminated and it will cost you nothing.
  • FACT: Loan modifications generally require you to fall behind 3 months or more before the lender will talk to you.
  • SOLUTION: NO COST SHORT SALE-Can be completed while current on your payments allowing you to purchase another property in as quickly as 2 years. (Per Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac)
  • FACT: 1/4 of all mortgage holders in Southern California owe more on their mortgage than their property is worth.
  • SOLUTION: NO COST SHORT SALE-A workout that allows you to get away from a bad debt you can no longer afford.
  • FACT: A foreclosure is extremely damaging to your credit, job or promotion prospects and will cause you to be viewed as a security risk
  • SOLUTION: NO COST SHORT SALE-Is viewed as a workout, not a kick-out; Is far less damaging to your credit and allows you to borrow money again far more quickly.
  • FACT: Foreclosure is very expensive to the bank and is damaging to local communities and the economy.
  • SOLUTION: NO COST SHORT SALE-Is beneficial to all involved and helps the communities and economy.

If a short sale sounds like the solution you need, you can contact me today. I am a certified short sale specialist which means that I have the experience, knowledge, and contacts with banks to get your short sale completed now.


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